Valdebebas – Spain

Valdebebas is a new urban downtown located in the northwest area of Madrid, close to Barajas Airport, which has been entirely designed to become a big business and residential complex. The city hall has been investing for two years in building the area’s infrastructures and parks and one of the main suppliers is BENITO URBAN. Our Kube benches (UM372), Kube seats (UM372S) and Kube bins (PA672) are already installed there and now they make these streets shine with personality.     

Casablanca - Chile

The town of Casablanca, located within the province of Valparaiso, the world’s tenth wine capital with a first class gastronomy which turned the place into the main touristic destination of Chile, entrusted BENITO URBAN with the aim of offering its teenagers the chance of having their own skateboarding area. This skate park includes Lunch Boxes, Quarter Pipes, Banks and Rails, these ramps are long-lasting items that have been designed to resist extreme temperatures and damp due to a Gelcoat surface which grants skating speed while providing a good deal of gripping factor.    

Burgohondo - Spain

BENITO URBAN recently installed a new playground park in the village of Burgohondo (Spain). The Duloc set (JAMA12) is a BENITO product that was designed and manufactured around mid 2014. This thematic equipment features more than 11 possible activities and can be used by 12 kids at the same time comprising ages from 4 to 14 years old. The Duloc is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and presented in primary and secondary colours which draw the attention of the little ones while it tries to influence their psychology in a positive way. 

Teplice - Slovakia

In Teplice, in Central Slovakia, BENITO URBAN just recently installed a park with fitness elements for adults. The circuit contains equipments that allow to do different exercises that train all muscular parts of the body. Each machine has strict instructions that indicate the duration for each exercise and the required rest time in between them.

Thanks to this park, the city offers to its citizens a way to do outdoor sports in safe and healthy way.

Lumaco - Chile

Once again BENITO URBAN has installed its products in Chile, Lumaco, Araucanía region, 120 km northeast of Temuco. This is a culturally rich area, as local inhabitants have lived together with Italian immigrants for many years.


This time around, BENITO URBAN’s project involved some Goteborg benches (UM345) completely made of natural coloured wood and treated with Lignus, a fungicide, insecticide and waterproof agent. Also, there were some Camprodon luminaires (ILNBT91), with their peculiar flared shape, made of injected aluminium and microtextured back colour finish. 

San Juan Metropolitan Area in Puerto Rico

BENITO URBAN supplied several pieces of equipment consisting of Fitness and Healthy Elements for a park in this country. BENITO URBAN’s Fitness and Healthy Elements, which feature different social functions and health benefits, are items that also allow elderly and adult people to do sport while they exercise all body parts, improve their wellness and quality of life.

Puerto Rico is starting to suffer the so-called effect of the inverted population pyramid at every social level of its demography. This fact has increased a general concern regarding physical and social wellness by promoting social interactions, intergenerational relationships and healthy habits in the open air with these type of parks.