Benito worldwide - Recent Projects

New automatic LED-equipped Rambla bollards have been installed in the city center of Alicante, with the aim of blocking vehicle access to the seafront promenade.

2024 | Alicante (España)

In Dubai (UAE), initiatives promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle with fitness equipment, playgrounds, and sun protection in public spaces are being implemented.

2024 | Dubai (UAE)

The Granada Forum stands out with its new RGBW XL floodlight, adding spectacle to special events and promoting culture in the city.

2024 | Granada (España)

El Vellón is reborn in style thanks to the ELA MAD benches of white concrete and Petrus fountains, merging functionality and elegance to beautify the city.

2024 | Madrid (España)

Renewal of public lighting in Falset (Tarragona) with Ciclo black lampposts and floodlights, representing innovation on the streets to enhance lighting and urban security.

2024 | Tarragona (España)

In Alicante, they sought to develop a park that reflected values of sustainability and nature. To achieve this, they opted to use Robinia, a wood known for its sustainability and its environmental friendliness.

2024 | Alicante (España)

Benito worldwide - Recent Projects