Dry barrel hydrant DN100



The hydrant is a device that supplies a large amount of water in a short amount of time.

It allows the connection of hoses and firefighting equipment, as well as the filling of firefighters' water tanks.

Nominal pressure of 16 bars.

Leakage test of 25 bars.

Interior components highly resistant to corrosion and aging (brass and stainless steel).

Tilted outlets

Outlets: Barcelona pressed aluminium fittings

1 x 100 2 x 70

1 x 70 2 x 45

Horizontal or vertical DN-100 connection

360º adjustable head

Anti-freeze system: the fire hydrant automatically drains after use, protecting it from frost damage.

Anti-breakage system: it incorporates an anti-breakage system that ensures sealing in case of impact breakage.

Cover: top part made of cast iorn, plus two aluminium or polyester lids.

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