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Structure, Metal: Hot dip galvanized and oven-baked highly resistant to corrosion. Colours: JC05 - RAL6018, RAL1028 / JC05B - RAL2008, RAL1028.

Platforms, Phenol: Birch plywood overlaid with a phenol lm on both sides. The top side has a rough wire mesh to ensure the anti-slip surface. The wire mesh surface has high wear resistance and anti-slip properties, surface is weather- and water-proof, resists to commonly used chemicals.

Fixings: Electro galvanized and stainless steel quality 8.8 DIN267, AISI-304.

  • For a very severe use of the equipment should increase inspection / maintenance.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

The biggest part (mm): 1430x1430x65 / Maximum weight of parts (kg): 63

IMPACT ZONE: Required security area. Ground coverings according to the norm EN1176-1:2017 are recommended.

Spare parts/replacements availability: 10 years.

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