The BERNA line has been designed faithful to three premises: a balance between inclusive and challenging proposals, fully oriented to offer pedagogical fun and 100% produced with high-quality materials, all developed according to sustainability criteria. A collection with which to build the most innovative play areas, for the urbanism of the new century.

Multigame structure composed of educational game panels: clock, abacus, maze, and pass-through tunnel. It also includes a side counter with a sand game and a roof.

Structure, Metal: Posts (Ø114) and bars (Ø50 and Ø35) made of galvanized steel according to UNE-ISO 1461/99 regulations and steel with thermoplastic coating PPA 571, with a thickness of 400 μ.

Panels, HDPE: Panels made of high-density polyethylene with a thickness of 15 and 20 mm, maintenance-free, easy to clean, and with UV filter.

Ties, Polyamide: Polyamide ties with fiberglass and UV filter.

Fixings: treated with JS-500 with more than 8 μ or stainless steel.

  • None of the materials requires a specific treatment for its disposal.
  • If the product is subject to severe use, maintenance should be increased.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

Biggest part (mm): 1500x2215x667/ Heaviest part (kg): 32

IMPACT ZONE: Required safety surface. It is advised to coat the floor according to the EN1176-1:2017 standard.

Spare parts availability: 10 years.

Total weight of the game: 720kg

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