Jump Ramp 60



The Skates elements are of modular construction that allows with the minimum effort the ability to modify the situation of the modules according to the criteria of each group of skaters. with minimum maintenance and 100% resistant to UVA rays, ice and impacts. Great adherence to the ground. The surface is not heated. Based on modular construction.

Structure, Metal: Light structure, square hot deep galvanized steel profile with adjustable supports for ground installation. S235J quality steel. Self-locking bolts. 

Surface, Poliéster: 9mm thick special handmade laminated fiberglass. High density. 100% suitable for outdoor use. Composed of two layers of Gelocaot and Topcoat. Color mate blue RAL 5002. 

  • High resistance to wear.
  • High resistance to the corrosion.
  • High density.
  • Absorbing impact.
  • Soundproof surface.
  • It does not deform.

Assembly process:

Easy to assemble and disassemble. When disassembling, there are no marks left within the area where it was installed. The components fit perfectly one another making the installation process much easier and granting the maximum security as well as minimum costs.


Weekly inspection: Make sure to double check that there are no obstacles within the security area and no broken edges.

Biannual inspection: Make sure to double check that all nuts and bolts are in good condition.

Annual inspection: : Make sure to double check that all nuts and bolts as well as the welded parts are in good condition.

  • None of the materials need special treatment for their disposal.
  • For a very severe use of the equipment should increase inspection / maintenance.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

Spare parts/replacements availability: 10 years.

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