A tensile sail shade structure is the perfect solution for both winter and summer, especially designed to cover spaces in an elegant way.

Perfectly tightened structures that totally or partially cover all types of open-air spaces such as playground areas, public squares, performance stages, events, parking lots, sport facilities, malls, bars, hotels, camping sites, etc.

Especially designed to:

  1. Create fresh and shaded spaces.
  2. Be integrated within the environment architecture.
  3. Be easily assembled and with simple maintenance.


The anchorage points are at different heights to increase the stability of the structure in case of wind.

Structure. Steel: hot-dip galvanized or oven-painted S275 steel with cured polyester powder-coated finish. DEGREASING + phosphates + EPOXI COATING + POLISH 2 / C M / LIN. Pillars provided with eyebolts to facilitate the assembly and with rings to anchor the sails. Includes base plate for foundation. Steel is made according to the market’s CE, the UNE-EN 1090-1:2011+A1:2012 standard and dimensioned following the CTE criteria of CTE DB SE-A. Plumbed and finished pillars. Clamps, cables and tensors to be considered for anchorage. Cables: Ø 8/10 mm thick electro gavanized steel. Clamps: hard aluminium with cable glands. Tensors: galvanised steel.


Hot dip-galvanized + oven-painted in the oven with cured polyester powder-coated finish. DEGREASING + phosphates + EPOXI COATING + POLISH 2 / C M / LIN

Fabric, HDPE:
high-quality micro-punctured fabric specifically developed for open air, very strong and stable for tightened structures. It offers the best solar protection and durability with an easy maintenance. HDPE doesn’t rot nor absorb humidity. 10-year guarantee. Blocks between 90.1% and 94.9% of UV rays. Breathable fabric to improve the air passage.
Technical specifications of the FABRIC:
  • HDPE knitted fabrics resistant to UV radiation
  • 100% monofilament
  • Temperature range (° C) -30 a +70
  • Mass of fabric (gsm) (AS2001.2.13) 340 gr x m2
  • Aproximate thickness (mm) 1.6
  • Tensile strength - warp: (N) (average) (AS2001.2.10) - 187N
  • Tensile strength - weft (N / 50mm) (AS 2001.2.3.1) - 2494N / 50mm
Fabric, PVC: polyester wire mesh with a PVC coating specially designed to build textile-tightened structures. Its waterproof features make it very apt for rainy and cold areas*. The PVC coating contains UV ray stabilizing additives, fire retardant substances and provides fungicide protection. *Combined only with the GEOarco structure and with a snow load between 40 and 60 kg / m2.
Polyester inner fabric of 1,100 Dtex. High-tenacity polyester fabric of 780 g m². Polyvinyl chloride coating and lacquered finish on both sides. Fire resistance and flame-retardant treatment class M2 according to the M2 UNE 23727 standard. Anti-humidity and waterproof treatment. UV filter. CE approved flame-retardant.
  • Weight: 780 gr m2
  • Yarn: 1100 dtex PES HT
  • Tensile strength: 400/350 daN / 5 cm (warp / weft)
  • Tear strength: 40/45 daN / 5 cm (warp / weft)
  • Adherence: 10 daN / 5 cm
  • Extreme temperatures of use: -30 ° C / +70 ° c
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