Castelldefels Castle is presented in all its splendour thanks to the RGB lighting that enhances it at night

INTROPDF##This castle, located on the Catalan coast, is a historical and cultural treasure that deserves to be fully appreciated. The technology used to illuminate it with changing colours is a sign of the commitment to preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of the region. Moreover, a Bluetooth Low Energy remote control system has been implemented, which allows the intensity of the light to be regulated according to the time of day. With this system, greater energy efficiency is achieved, and the lighting can be adapted to the specific needs of the moment. This innovative technology not only improves the aesthetics of the castle, but also contributes to preserving the environment. In short, Castelldefels Castle has become a benchmark in terms of smart and sustainable lighting.

This initiative not only enhances the castle, but also makes it more accessible and attractive to visitors, who can enjoy a unique experience during their night-time visit.