Bollard AUTOMATIC Ø275 Bollard



Automatic bollard made with Ø270 mm x 600 mm (h) AISI-304 stainless steel piston. Surface cover, chassis, fixings and bolts in stainless steel.

Signalling consists of 4 red LEDs and a white reflective band on top. It features two security loop systems and a remote control.

Control panel: 500 x 400 x 230 mm grey polyamide electrical panel. IP65 waterproofing and special locking key.

Circuit breaker for electrical safety. Automaton for bollard functionality management. 2 automatic movement security detectors + 2m x 2m cable for connection.
Receiver for up to 500 users + emitting controller and relays for traffic light connection (green and red). The control panel comes with a weekly scheduling system + traffic lights programming system. Use: The remote control initiates the lowering and raises automatically once the vehicle has passed, in one or two directions.

This Bollard features a security device which is activated in the event of a sustained power cut, in which case the Bollard allows vehicles to pass freely by returning to its down position.

1. We offer the possibility of supplying the bollard cover with customised markings (upon request).
2. LED traffic light system indicator (green and red). HPS (with post), HPPS (wall).
3. HPLEP card reader system.

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