Bike rack SEGURO



Fully enclosed high-security SEGURO bike rack for six bicycles or scooters, with double electronic lock controlled by mobile APP.

  • Closed and covered bicycle parking.
  • No transparent materials to avoid seeing the inside.
  • Capacity for 6 bicycles or scooters.
  • The bike rack occupies half a car parking space, with its maximum dimensions being 2.5x2.1.5m
  • Opening of the door by means of two gas springs that facilitate its use.
  • Levelling system to adapt it to the slope of the land.
  • Completely autonomous bike parking, powered by photovoltaic solar energy, no need for civil works.
  • Incorporates security cables with which users can lock their bicycle.
  • Each bicycle seat has a specific space to leave the lock and the helmet.
  • Maximum weight of 300kg to facilitate its transfer and relocation if necessary.
  • Structure and panels built in aluminium.
  • Raised bottom to prevent leaves and dirt from accumulating inside and blocking the natural flow of water.
  • Door locking by means of two “rotary latch system” electronic safety locks with a total resistance of at least 1,000kg.
  • The bike rack has rings to facilitate lifting and manoeuvring; the operation can be carried out with a van that does not require a special driving license.

System power:

  • Supply voltage of 12V.
  • Maximum current on standby of 25mA at 12V.
  • Maximum daily consumption of less than 8Wh
  • 140W solar panel and 50Ah battery, with autonomy of at least 15 days without exposure to sunlight.

Opening system:

  • Opening by means of an APP via bluetooth low energy.
  • The door cannot be opened if the user is not in front of it.
  • Both the user and the control electronics must be authenticated against a server before each opening, thus avoiding the hacking of the system.
  • Double-layer encrypted communications with 128-bit AES end-to-end encryption.
  • Operating range of the control electronics from -40ºC to 80ºC.
  • IP66 waterproof control electronics.
  • The Backend of the control APP is prepared to be able to integrate with third parties via documented and public APIs.

User interface:

  • The control APP is available for both Android and IOS.
  • On the main screen, a full-screen map with the locations of the different car parks is shown.
  • Users will be geolocated, as long as the appropriate permissions are given, so they can see the closest car parks.
  • Users can view the car park map and the availability of spaces in real time.
  • Users can register and sign up on the APP, which is free.
  • Users can book and choose between two types of services:
    • Monthly subscription, with the right to a fixed space in the chosen car park.
    • Pay per use.
  • In addition, users can have several services simultaneously.
  • Users can check their history from their profile.
  • Payment platform through bank card, connecting the application with the gateway of the client's bank in a totally secure way.

Administrator interface:

The management system has an administration panel from which the car park network can be operated. It can be accessed securely from any computer with an internet connection.


Main functionalities:

User management:

  • Overview of users, sorting and searching.
  • Download of the complete list of users and customers.
  • User profile access for consultation and editing.
  • Direct access to cancel the service.
  • Viewing and editing of user profile data.
  • Access to booking history and subscriptions for consultation and modification.
  • Consultation of history of receipts and transactions.

Parking management:

  • Overview of car parks, sorting and searching
  • Creation of new car parks and parking spaces
  • Consultation and modification of data related to car parks: schedules, rates, location, name, etc.

Subscription management:

  • Overview of subscriptions, sorting and searching.
  • Download of the complete list of subscriptions.

Booking management:

  • Overview of usage, sorting and searching
  • Download of the complete list of usage

Transaction management:

  • Overview of transactions, sorting and searching
  • Download of the complete list of transactions.
  • Access to the data for the generation of usage reports
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