Citizen Soft



Citizen Soft is a decorative luminaire with high performance. Incorporates a comfortable glare control thanks to an optical disc diffuser. Good relation between efficiency and cost. Designed to light all kind of streets thanks to the available combination of power and photometric distributions.

Citizen has an excellent performance when installed in columns from 3 to 6m in residential areas, squares, city centers, parks, gardens, bicycle roads, small avenues, urbanizations, urban streets, narrow roads and pedestrian areas.

- Decorative urban design.
- Excellent thermal management.
- Finless heat dissipation aluminium housing.
- Design with cut-off and antiglare.
- High quality polycarbonate diffuser ultra transparent for life.
- Secondary Soft diffuser to provide pleasant and controlled light.
- Maintenance free.
- Installation on top pole of diameter 60 mm.
- Colour: grey RAL 9006.
- Other colours available under request.

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