Luminaire Elium S LED Luminaire



Elium, an extra slim design luminaire with a very good relation between efficiency and cost. Designed to light all kind of roads and aplications.

Elium has an excellent performance when installed on poles from 4 up to 12 m, for residential streets, wide and narrow roads, avenues, parking lots, highways and freeways.

- Aerodynamic design.
- Excellent thermal management.
- Finless heat dissipation housing
- Minimum air resistance.
- Cut-off and antiglare design.
- Maintenance free.
- Extra slim packaging to reduce transportation costs.
- Ø 60 mm, post-top, lateral mount.
- May be tilted -15º, -10º, -5º, 0º, 5º, 10º y 15º.
- Colour: grey RAL 9006.
- Other colour available under demand.

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