Bicycle AD



The healthy elements manufactured by BENITO enable people to exercise in both public and private spaces, increasing their well-being and quality of life and boosting health and social relations.
  • Health functions: improving cardiovascular and respiratory functions, building muscles and ensuring agility, flexibility and coordination of movements.
  • Social functions: creating leisure activities, promoting social integration and a more intensive recreational use of public spaces.

Benefits: Strengthens leg, pectoral, dorsal and hamstring muscles, allowing a complete movement of all limbs. Strengthens leg muscles, allowing a complete movement of all limbs. Improves lung capacity.
Use instructions:

1. Stand in front of the equipment and take hold of the handgrip with both hands. Place your feet on the platform and push slowly, trying to stand up slowly.

2.Stand in front of the equipment, take hold of the handgrip with both hands and push the pedals forward.

Structure, Metal: S235 tube in galvanized and powder coated steel.Its dimensions are ø114mm x 3mm thick. Moving parts: ø60mm / ø48mm x 2mm thickness. Connecting tubes: ø38mm / ø32mm x 2mm thick. Paint: 1 coat of powder coating consisting of a mixture of polyester resins, hardeners and pigments, free of lead and with high resistance to weathering. Color combination: Matte black and Metallic gray RAL9006
Fixings: AISI304 stainless steel screws
Handles: Thermoplastic rubber
Seats / Trims: HDPE rotomoulded with 6-10mm thickness.
Pedals / Plugs: PP

  • None of these materials needs a special treatment for its disposal.
  • For a very severe use of the equipment should increase inspection / maintenance.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

The biggest part (mm):

2670x500x3300 / Maximum weight of parts (kg): 45 
IMPACT ZONE: Required security area. Ground coverings according to the norm EN16630:2015 are recommended.
Spare parts/replacements availability: 10 years.

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