Benito worldwide - Recent Projects

The new playground located in the middle of the Passeig del Ter in Manlleu is a thematic space designed around the legend of the Serpent, which is one of the main cultural attractions of the city.

2024 | Barcelona

Installation of fixed bollards (HE220L) and semi-automatic bollards (H2208H75L) with LED light crowns at the Reus Casino, the most effective solution for access control and prevention of ram-raiding.

2024 | Tarragona

Kube Concrete Bins with lid and Marson-colored ashtray at the Palermo Tourist Port, Sicily, to keep public spaces clean and provide suitable facilities for disposing of waste in the port landscape.

2024 | Sicilia

Meydan, Dubai, debuts state-of-the-art lighting with Horizon luminaires for perfect glare control.

2024 | UAE - Dubai

The 1st Division Football Field in Herzliya, Israel, equipped with 1,300W Apolo XL projectors, arranged in columns of 28 units each, meets the demanding lighting standards set by FIFA.

2024 | Israel

New MINSK bench installed in the city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic, with a versatile design that seamlessly integrates into any urban environment, contributing to beautifying the urban landscape.

2024 | Republica Checa

Puerto Rico promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle by installing areas with fitness elements, providing notable benefits for cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and coordination.

2024 | Puerto Rico

New CITIZEN LED technology luminaires in Giva't Shmu'el, Israel, with the aim of improving energy efficiency and the quality of lighting by providing more uniform and sharp illumination in the area.

2024 | Israel

Impressive "Twin" Tower installed in Juan de Herrera Park in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, forming part of the comprehensive renewal of the children's leisure space in a project for the adaptation and improvement of parks.

2024 | Madrid

The Finnish city of Suonenjoki has installed MILAN XL RGBW projectors to illuminate and highlight its water tower. On the occasion of Independence Day with Russia on December 6, 1917, they decided to light up the projectors in blue.

2023 | Finlandia

Installation of 30 automatic telescopic bollards Ø220 x 600mm strategically placed in the city center of Sofia, specifically in front of the iconic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

2023 | Bulgaria

The new TOMSK streetlights and beacons installed on the Laderas del Conquero not only enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings but also provide an elegant, durable, and efficient urban lighting solution.

2023 | Huelva

Elda, located in the province of Alicante, unveils a new urban image with the installation of new PETRUS concrete planters and ten large-sized women's shoes adorned with vibrant colors.

2023 | Alicante

The City Council of Vic has carried out an initiative to improve the urban space in the city. Recently, ARQ wooden benches have been installed, specifically designed to provide comfort to the residents and visitors of the city.

2023 | Barcelona

Gironella has a new calisthenics park of 200 square meters with a wide variety of exercise equipment, such as parallel bars, rings, pull-up bars, and a wall bar.

2023 | Barcelona

Excellent combination of planters and benches from the LISA collection, an aesthetic, pleasant, and unique line that invites relaxation and enjoyment of the beauty of the place. The best choice for creating a charming space!

2023 | Jaen

New children's park in the Doha College community in the city of Qatar. One of the most prominent features of this new park is an impressive RED QUAT designed for climbing and fun.

2023 | Qatar

The town of Villafranca in Córdoba has installed more than 150 Milan S 60W luminaires to illuminate a heavily trafficked road. This initiative aims to improve visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians traveling along this important route.

2023 | Córdoba

Safety measures for the bike lanes on Vía Augusta and Gran Vía in Barcelona

2023 | Barcelona-Via Augusta

Picnic tables and bollards in Parc Central in Igualada, Barcelona

2023 | Barcelona-Igualada

Pint collection playground equipment in two parks in La Laguna, Tenerife

2023 | Tenerife

Benito worldwide - Recent Projects