Área Pump Track 12mL



Pump Track is a recreational circuit for practicing sports with a bicycle, skateboards, skates or scooters.

  • For children, young people and adults.
    Infinite combinations.
    For interior or exterior.
    Easy assembly.
    Zero maintenance.
    Easy and sanitizable cleaning.

Regulations: PPP 61005A:2021

Modules, GRP: fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) which makes it extremely resistant and durable. The friction surface has a texture that allows good adhesion without being abrasive in the event of possible falls. Easy cleaning and zero maintenance. The assembly of the modules is extremely simple since they are joined with plates to each other and later to the ground with anchoring plugs.

Screws: Screws with JS-500 treatment of more than 8 μ or stainless steel.

  • None of the materials require special treatment for disposal.
    If the equipment is subject to severe use, the maintenance plan must be increased.
    Do not use the product before completing the installation/maintenance.
    Consult maintenance instructions.

Largest piece (mm): 2000x1300x900 / Heaviest piece (kg): 65

IMPACT ZONE: Required safety surface. Floor covering is recommended according to EN1176-2017 standard.
Spare parts availability: 10 years

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