Radar speed sign



Radar speed sign, the best solution: allows to reduce speed up to 25% in the road section where it is installed.

Radar speed sign to inform users if they are driving over the speed limit.

This kind of radar allow drivers to see how fast they are driving at an approximate distance of 300m in order to know if they are exceeding the limit. Thanks to the LED panels, it is possible to distinguish if the speed is appropriate – numbers appear in green – or if the user is driving over the limit – numbers appear in red.
Statistics available for both traffic systems. They can be analysed thanks to a specific software.

Main characteristics

  • Dot-matrix display
  • Blinks when the speed limit is exceeded
  • Individual bitmaps can be uploaded (text messages, smileys, speed limits, logos or any other symbol)
  • Adjustable minimum / maximum speed threshold
  • Time-controlled activation
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
    High contrast due to the single display
  • Robust front window with glare-free coating
  • Data collection for more than 200,000 records
  • Bluetooth to control the display
  • Supply voltage measurement
  • Deep discharge protection for batteries
  • Light weight: only 4kg!
  • Easy installation, can be made by a single person
  • Easy-to-use control software
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