Floodlight IRIS-O RGBW



Recessed adjustable ground-level projector with circular RGBW technology, featuring a closure of hardened tempered glass of 10mm and a resistance level of up to 2000kg according to EN 60598-2-13. The family includes three different sizes and a wide range of powers, ranging from 20W to 60W. Prepared for regulation using the DMX-512 protocol.


High efficiency. Up to 100 lm / W real.

  • -2 different sizes: 40W and 60W.
  • -Aluminum injection body.
  • -Highly robust 10mm hardened tempered glass.
  • -Dimming control through DMX-512 protocol.
  • -Waterproof silicone ring resistant to high temperatures, corrosion-resistant PP plastic.
  • -Stainless steel screws and frame

- Spectacular and decorative lighting
- Architectural, Monuments, etc ..

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