Benito worldwide - Recent Projects

Creation of the bronze sculpture of Brigadier Josep Cabrinetty, depicted in uniform with a drawn sword, made by BENITO artis and installed in the center of Puigcerdà.

Bronze sculpture in Girona

In the square of the Abadía de Montserrat, Barcelona, Leman benches have been installed so that tourists can rest during their visit, thereby improving comfort and visitor experience.

Bench Leman

Montserrat Abbey (España)

In the municipality of Altea, they have modernized the public lighting by installing white Ciclo L projectors, improving energy efficiency and the quality of street lighting.

Floodlight CICLO L

Alicante (España)

The improvement in the ornamental lighting of Sax Castle aims to enhance its beauty during the night, allowing the use of lights in different shades, promoting energy savings, and ensuring notable energy efficiency.

Floodlight MILAN XL RGBW


The Astigarraga (Gipuzkoa) riverside park is completed with an exercise area, zip line, meeting place, and skill area made with Robinia.

ROBINIA Games in Gipuzkoa

The hospital in Barcelona is embracing a design and color furniture trend. An olive green, warm-toned, low-saturation, and somewhat pastel-like hue providing uniqueness and warmth.


Barcelona (España)

Benito worldwide - Recent Projects