BENITO WELTWEIT - Letzte Projekte

The improvement in the ornamental lighting of Sax Castle aims to enhance its beauty during the night, allowing the use of lights in different shades, promoting energy savings, and ensuring notable energy efficiency.

2024 | Alicante

2024 | Gipuzkoa

The hospital in Barcelona is embracing a design and color furniture trend. An olive green, warm-toned, low-saturation, and somewhat pastel-like hue providing uniqueness and warmth.

2024 | Barcelona (España)

The architecture firm LZB Arkitektura, along with Hiritik At and BENITO, has carried out an exclusive and personalized design of the new furniture for the main square of Astigarraga, Gipuzkoa.

2024 | Exclusive banks in Gipuzkoa

2024 | Sculptural heads in Girona

Benito Artis has created, manufactured, and installed the Bronze Statue of Josep Ensesa Gubert, visionary of the urban complex of S'Agaró exactly a century ago.

2024 | Bronze Sculpture in Girona

BENITO WELTWEIT - Letzte Projekte