An accessible web site for everybody

Benito Urban, SLU displays its site by means of an accessible design in order to guarantee an easy access to all users, specially, for people who have more difficulty in information access (due to physical or sensible handicap or any kind of technological barrier). That is why, WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) recommendations have been taken into account.

Accessibility guidelines

We followed these guidelines:

1. Direct and permanent access to the main navigation menu (located in the left side of each page).

2. Direct access to web map (in the top part of each page).

3. Direct access to the internal browser in order to facilitate searching the desired information.


Pull-down menus have been used in the navigation menu in order to facilitate the navigation through any website section.

Links are highlighted when the cursor passes over them and changes its original colour once you have visited them.

All users registered in any form of this website, won’t have to be identified again along the current session as they will be already recognized.

Universal and well-known iconographies are used in this website.


1.This website pages have been programmed using XHTML 1.0. language.

2.We recommend, at least, a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

3.Navigators: Explorer 11.0, Crome and Fire Fox 34.

4.Plug-in is no required to visualize this website. For special advertising (banners) Flash is used, in this case the user with plug-in Flash 5 will be able to visualize the Flash film; otherwise the user will visualize a static image (GIF or JPG).

5.To visualize some PDF documents Adobe Acrobat Reader has to be downloaded.

If it comes up any visualization problem, please, contact us: [email protected].

If you want to send us any suggestion to improve our website, do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected].