artec3 Studio is an international independent lighting design consultancy based in Barcelona and Mexico City. Founded by Maurici Ginés in 1998, it is dedicated to developing high-quality architectural lighting design through close, proactive relationships with its customers.
Through the shaping of light, they create innovative lighting designs that enhance the architecture and its contents, while achieving the program’s goals. With offices in Barcelona and Mexico City, artec3 Studio collaborates with well-known architects worldwide and has received national and international awards. In its more than 20 years of experience, artec3 Studio has contributed to the lighting design of more than 400 projects, including museums, exhibitions, residential, corporate, leisure, retail, hotels, restaurants, daylight, urban lighting, landscaping, master plans and media façade projects. When appropriate, artec3 Studio works together with its partner summalab, to incorporate interactive installations, light art, and bespoke luminaire design solutions, a collaboration that adds even further value to their work.