Tridimensional net structures and net accessories in Benito play equipment are made of composed by a steel core surrounded by 6 steel braided ropes coated in polyamide. Since this kind of equipment is usually exposed to vandalism, ropes are as resistant as possible to destructive impact in public areas. According to the weight of the net ropes shall be fibber core or steel core. In steel core rope in total there are 144 pieces of steel wires, in fibber core rope there are 72 pieces of steel wires. Armed steel ropes are made of steel core or fibber core surrounded with 6 strands according to the weight and the tension on the equipment. Diameter of one strand is 2.4 mm for 16 mm rope diameter, 3.4 mm for 18 mm rope diameter and 3.4 mm for 20 mm rope diameter. Break point for 16 mm armed rope is 4 tons, 18 mm armed rope 7 tons, 20 mm armed rope 11 tons. Mesh joints are made of aluminium fittings which are pressed with 168 tons.


  • High resistance to corrosion
  • UV protection
  • Good visual quality
  • Low maintenance
  • 100% recyclable

Applications :

  • Tridimensional nets
  • Carrousel with net
  • Swing nest seat
  • Net accessories


  • Ø16mm Klasik, Metallic, Fenokee, Loop and Themed equipment
  • Ø18mm JR25C
  • Ø20mm JR04C, JR06C, JR08C, JRD4-6C, JRA16C, JRGI42C


  • Black
  • Red