Exotic wood from tropical forests in Africa, Asia and South America. This type of wood is extremely resistant to outdoor conditions and to the damp even in hostile conditions like in the proximity of the sea. Its physical-mechanical properties make it appropriate for outdoor use and it requires no vacuum treatment, but only surface periodic maintenance with our Lignus or another water-based coating, which aim is to protect an beautify the wood. In that particular case, in natural color finish.

Amongst the most used species in our furniture:

Iroko is a tree, originally from the west coast of Africa, whose colour is similar to the teak and whose strength is well known.
Tali is a high quality exotic wood which main feature, among others, is its hardness. It can be found in northern India, Nepal and Pakistan as well as in western Asia and some African territories.
Garapa  is a South American wood with yellow to brown-yellow heartwood. Rated as durable and resistant to fungi and insects, Garapa exterior decking is an attractive and versatile option that is as resilient as it is beautiful.


  • Legalized without certification
  • Legalized and FSC/PEFC certified: wood with controlled and ecologically sustainable origin