Exotic wood from responsible tropical forest exploitation. This wood is very resistant to bad weather conditions and moisture. Its quality is determined by its density, humidity and the treatment that has been applied to it.

At BENITO, we always work with tropical wood with a density greater than 700g/cm3 and 12% moisture content, and we apply our LIGNUS treatment on it.

LIGNUS is a three-layer treatment that includes a fungicide, insecticide and waterproof agent. In addition, its finish with a layer of natural pigmentation gives it better protection against UV rays, which are the main cause of deterioration of this type of material.

We polish each board to guarantee that there are no open pores, paying special attention to the sides, which are reviewed one by one, manually.


Like the sun or water, wood is a renewable and extremely eco-friendly raw material, when responsibly exploited.

During the whole manufacturing process of a board, the tree eliminates CO2 from the atmosphere, provides hundreds of living beings with habitat, protects the subsoil and stores humidity so that other plants can grow. Once the optimal period for the felling of the tree comes, another tree can be planted thus restarting an infinite life cycle.

As regards resistance, its high density combined with its fibrous morphology and an adequate maintenance assure an unrivalled durability and resistance as it has a longer lifespan than any other material. Besides being recyclable, used wood can be turned into paper, cardboard or agglomerate, amongst others, and it is totally biodegradable, which makes it ideal to be composted and transformed into fertiliser.