Artic Plus 1



The ARTIC play system is functional and compact,  we can find throught the modular tower combinations playtowers for the smallest to the eldest. Ideal solutions for space limited playground areas or combine different elements in larger spaces too.


Structure, Metal: Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated 80x80x2mm posts. We use a variety of metal compounds which are resistant to corrosion, wear and vandalism. The slide slide surface is 2mm thick AISI304 polished stainless steel and is curved and molded in one piece. Protective bars in AISI304 stainless steel of Ø32mm.

Panels, ECOPLAY: HDPE of 10-12-15-19mm thickness produced with recycled material. High-density polyethylene characterized by its resistance to chemical abrasives and unaffected by corrosion as it is a polymer. Due to its light, elastic nature, it offers high resistance to impact, making it very difficult to break.

Platforms, Phenol: Birch plywood overlaid with a phenol lm on both sides. The top side has a rough wire mesh to ensure the anti-slip surface. The wire mesh surface has high wear resistance and anti-slip properties, surface is weather- and water-proof, resists to commonly used chemicals.

Rope, vandal-proof reinforced rope nets: Ø 16mm, 6 twisted steel cables, covered in polypropylene. High durability plastic connectors.

Fixings: Electro galvanized and stainless steel quality 8.8 DIN267, AISI-304.

  • For a very severe use of the equipment should increase inspection / maintenance.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

The biggest part (mm): 2270x800x800 / Maximum weight of parts (kg): 20

IMPACT ZONE: Required security area. Ground coverings according to the norm EN1176-1:2017 are recommended.
Spare parts/replacements availability: 10 years.

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