Street Workout Pull-up x1



Street Workout elements made of metallic materials with circular profile posts and painted aluminum flanges to guarantee professional performance and product adaptability. Composed by a wide range of combinable equipment such as Wall Bars, Parallel Bars, Monkey, Snake, Abdominal, Pull-ups, Push-ups and Double level. Sports practice consists of using public outdoor spaces for free aerobic, cardiovascular, strength, muscle and/or flexibility personal training.

Structure, Metal: Ø100x3mm hot-dip galvanised steel posts. Great resistance to abrasion, corrosion and bad weather conditions.

Bars, Metal: Ø40x3mm galvanised steel bars lacquered with polyester powder coating.

Clamps, Metal: Cast aluminum clamps. Finished with green polyester powder coating.

Screws: Electro galvanised and stainless steel 8.8 DIN267, AISI-304 screws.

  • None of the materials requires a specific treatment for its disposal.
  • If the product is subject to severe use, maintenance should be increased.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

Biggest part (mm): / Heaviest part (kg): 

Minimum information required in the signs according to EN16630:2015 standard

In the FITNESS AREA, there must be an information sign (pictogram, graphic symbol) including the following information:

  • Equipment for young or adult users measuring more than 1.40m
  • Read and follow the instructions contained in the signs
  • Before using the equipment, users need to take into account their own aptitudes from a medical point of view
  • Excessive efforts must be avoided while using the equipment
  • Emergency telephone number
  • System or method to contact with the maintenance staff (telephone, email, web)
  • Address or GPS location of the playground area
  • Instructions on the exercises with the corresponding pictograms
    Main functions of the equipment

IMPACT ZONE: security area and ground coverings according to the EN1176-1:2017 standard.

Spare parts availability: 10 years.

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