Búlder Roko 13



Bouldering is a form of climbing that consists of climbing small walls, without the need for protective materials such as ropes or harnesses. With the ROKO modular elements we managed to turn this sport into a game and bring it to urban spaces. This line, characterised by its giant geometric shapes, is produced with high-quality materials that provide socialisation and climbing spaces for older children and teenagers. A game option with different levels of height to find different challenges depending on one’s skills.

Structure, Metal: structural profiles made of steel with thermoplastic coating PPA 571, with a thickness of 400 μ.

Panels, GRP: fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) which makes it extremely resistant and durable. The friction surface has a texture that allows good adhesion without being abrasive in the event of possible falls. Easy cleaning and zero maintenance.

Finishes, HDPE: Panels made of high-density polyethylene with a thickness of 15 and 20 mm, maintenance-free, easy to clean, and with UV filter.

Holds, Polyresin: high-quality polyresin with metallic washer inside.

Fixings: treated with JS-500 with more than 8 μ or stainless steel.

  • None of the materials requires a specific treatment for its disposal.
  • If the product is subject to severe use, maintenance should be increased.
  • Don’t use the product before the installation/maintenance is ready.
  • Please check the maintenance instructions.

Biggest part (mm): 1700x1400x900  / Heaviest part (kg): 35

IMPACT ZONE: security area and ground coverings according to the EN1176-1:2017 standard.
Spare parts availability: 10 years.

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