Rubber Tiles



Precast elastic tiles, monolayer system, made of recycled black rubber granules, pigments and polyurethane resins. Analysed and manufactured according to the EN-1177 European standard, thus ensuring that this product has an impact absorption over 70%.

Use: security areas around playground equipments for children.

Installation: without maintenance, easy and quick installation. A clean and solid hard concrete or asphalt foundation is recommended to carry out this process.

Optional: other colours and thicknesses.

Discolouration can happen with time without affecting the characteristics of the tile. 


Once a year according to the use of the playground areas and weather conditions. Maintenance includes the cleaning and checking of the surface. Damaged tiles must be replaced. In case of depigmentation, a resin primer must be applied to protect the ground.

An annual examination of the coating absorption levels of each equipment installed on the area is recommended to ensure they comply with the EN-1177 standard.

Note: colours are approximations of the original colours.

Tolerance +- 2%

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