The Work-fit range is complete and all its parts can be perfectly combined to create a customised circuit according to the purposes for which it has been designed.

Work-fit allows you to combine walking or running with different exercises to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Work-fit is manufactured entirely from wood, which make it recommendable for installation in natural environments.

Structure, Laminated Wood: Scandinavian laminated pinewood with autoclave (class IV) treatment. Finished with 2 layers of Lasur paint. - In case this type of wood is subjected to variable weather conditions, laminated pinewood can present some tiny cracks on the surface that do not reduce its durability at all. As regards with Resin and knots, please note that these are part of its natural appearance.

Metallic parts: Stainless steel AISI-304.

Fixings: Electro galvanized and stainless steel quality 8.8 DIN267, AISI-304.

  • None of these materials needs a special treatment for its disposal.
  • Pour une utilisation très sévère de l’équipement devrait augmenter l’inspection / maintenance.
  • Ne pas utiliser le produit avant la fin de l’installation/maintenance.
  • Veuillez consulter les instructions d'entretien.

The biggest part (mm): 2140x500x280 / Maximum weight of parts (kg): 20,80

IMPACT ZONE: Required security area. Ground coverings according to the norm EN1176-1:2017 are recommended.
Spare parts/replacements availability: 10 years.

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