Renovation of the street lighting with the installation of Fusta light points to improve the city's energy efficiency.

The municipality of Bustillo de la Vega is located in the province of Palencia, in a rural environment.

Even if the main objective of the City Council was to improve the energy efficacy of the lighting, they were also looking for a product that would harmonise with the space. For this reason, they chose the Fusta light point.

This product is ideal for natural areas as it consist of a shaft made of tropical wood and a galvanised steel base with a forge black textured polyurethane coating, which gives it a rustic yet sophisticated appearance.

To complete the light point, high-efficiency Camprodon luminaires were chosen. They stand out thanks to their original dome-shaped design, perfect for historical and rural areas, and that has the same finish than the base of the pole, thus contributing to highlighting the elegance of the product.