The City Council of Mancha Real called on BENITO to create a new playground area with bright colours.

Mancha Real, a municipality with a long olive growing tradition located 19 km away from Jaén, is one of the most important industrial hubs of the province.

Recently, the municipality has decided to create new spaces where children can play and develop new abilities. To achieve this, it called on BENITO which supplied the playground equipment and paving.

The inclusive multigame elements with slides and panels are from the Alu range, which is characterised by its vivid colours and zero maintenance. We can also find Julián and Barco spring swings, designed by Mariscal, and a Curvo swing.

However, the element that stands out the most is, without any doubt, the rubber flooring. It has very attractive and eye-catching colours and, on top of that, this surface has also been used to add even more playability to the playground as it includes the design of a hopscotch and twister.