Tres Cantos finishes the building of the Entertainment Science Campus by installing BENITO street furniture: security bollards, benches and bins.

Located in Tres Cantos, the Entertainment Science Campus of Planeta Training and Universities, the training division of Planeta Group, is the first campus of entertainment sciences of Europe.

This project was based on two premises: looking for efficiency in design as well as minimum consumption of energy and resources.

BENITO was the company chosen to supply the campus with street furniture. Aiming at combining innovative design and sustainable development, the products chosen were mainly made of low environmental impact materials such as concrete, wood and recycled plastic.

Among the installed products, the one that stands out the most are the semi-automatic bollards with a reflective strip to control the access of vehicles on campus.

Concrete benches and bons, wooden design benches and Ecosens bins made of ReBnew recycled plastic were also installed.