Thanks to BENITO, the dam of Muel benefits from a new urban space where children can learn the history of their city with complete security and pure fun.

The City Council of Muel, located in the province of Zaragoza (Aragon), contacted the Group BENITO NOVATILU to create a new playground area while preserving the history of the area where it would be installed.

The project took place near the Roman dam, location that represented a great challenge for the Group because of its historical nature.

The aim of the project was to achieve a balance between local history and the innovative playground equipment from the Group BENITO NOVATILU in order to create leisure spaces for all ages by using products that integrate to the environment.

After conducting several studies of the area and developing the technical blueprint of the park, in compliance with the current safety regulations, the BOSCO 4, 100% designed by the Group BENITO NOVATILU was chosen as the main element. This product consists of a multi-level tower with platforms, slides installed at different heights, vertical panels and great challenges which stimulate the strength, coordination and balance of children, in compliance with the European safety standard EN1176. Moreover, it is made with maintenance-free materials resistant to bad weather conditions and vandalism, and its design recalls tree houses, which makes it ideal for natural as well as urban environments.

Other products were also installed: swings JL15, spring swings JFS10, a dynamic element JPV413 which includes several features such as a moving bridge, and the swivelling element JC06.