Lighting of the new development project in the area at the mouth of the Gorgos river in Jávea.

Pictures ©Milena Villalba 2020

Triana bridge, at the mouth of the Gorgos river in Jávea

The TOMSK light point was chosen for its architectural aesthetic and minimalist design customised in white. The LED light point Tomsk has been very successful among architects who have decided to include it in their projects in view of its neutral aesthetic ideal for all environments. The quality of the treatments we apply to all our metallic products results from a short cleaning, followed by an electrolytic treatment, and an epoxy and polyester paint coating. Our products very resistant to salinity making them able to pass the 1,000-hour salt spray test.

As for lighting, the LED light points TOMSK include all the characteristics of a functional luminaire as well as an efficiency up to 147 lm/W and different light distribution curves. The lighting can therefore adapt to all kinds of projects.