Luminaire Horizon



Deco Horizon belongs to the Essentials family, a set of luminaires of different typologies and styles that share total aesthetic coherence between them. Elegant, decorative, functional and contemporary design. Designed for ambient urban lighting applications, adapting to different urban spaces. Ideal for installation on supports between 4 and 8 metres. Optical design optimised for perfect glare control, cut-off suitable for pedestrians and no emission towards the upper hemisphere.


High efficiency. Up to 142 lm/W net
Essentials range. From 20W to 120W
Finless passive dissipation
Tool-less opening
18 light distribution curves
Zhaga Standard (Book 15)
Ready 4IoT. Ready for any intelligent lighting control solution


Urban Roads and Streets

Residential Streets (Zones 30)

Bicycle Lanes and Narrow Roads

Rural Roads

Car Parks

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