1992 a year that it changed everything

The Value of the Past









Fundició Dúctil Benito was created in  1992, the year when the city of Barcelona  hosted the Olympic Games. It was such an  important year for this city, its people and  so many around the world, that Fundicio  Ductil Benito decided to name its first

bench, Barcino, as a tribute to the capital of  Catalonia. The company’s portfolio gradually  expanded over the years to reach a complete offer of Urban Equipment.


 BENITO first products: Via Trajana bollard and Barcino bench






A global provider in the Urban Equipment Industry with 
 4 ranges of products 


....beauty, comfort, safety, energy saving are our keys to help improve the quality of life for citizens






Ours sales network span on all 5 continents and over 64 countries, giving us a global presence to support every major project 








Integrated Service



Control throughout the entire process  
  • Large stock to minimise delivery times 
  • Personalised customer care service 
  • Assistance and expertise from to architects, engineer offices, councils and end-users, from the preliminary sketch to installation.  




 Operations Center 


 The lean methodology in our warehouse has been a step forward.
It consists in eliminating those processes  that are absorbing resources but are not creating any additional value. The objecitve is meeting the target of same-day/next-day deliveries.






Constante investigación desarrollo e Innovación 
Diseño in progress


   El desarrollo tecnológico y la innovación son las herramientas necesarias para mirar al futuro, pero manteniendo siempre lo esencial, porque la identidad de una marca es también su capacidad para adaptarse a los nuevos tiempos sin tener que renunciar a sus principios. La popularización del buen diseño sigue siendo lo que nos mueve para continuar trabajando cada día, explorando nuevos conceptos para que los productos que presentaremos durante los próximos años sean mejores y también más bellos.








Quality and Low Maintenance


Since 2001 BENITO holds ISO 9001, in addition to specific approvals and quality and technical certificates fordifferent countries.


Within the quality guarantees that an organization such as BVQI, FSC, PEFC, AENOR, TÜV, Applus, UL or IAC already provides and its strict secutrity parameters, we must add as well our goal  to offer products made of materials with high durability and low maintenance.





Testing our benches 


The urban elements installed on public spaces are not chosen by their citizens, who are actually the users and who will finally enjoy them. Rather it depends on the criteria of the person who specifies it on a scheme.


We know that this is not an easy task for the specifiers and that is why we also try to guarantee that they have made a good choice, because at BENITO before launching a new bench on the market we run a pilot among citizens





Author Designs 
in partnership with renowned and talented makers


In addition to the experienced in-house team, there are collaborations with renowned professionals, who bring elegance, ingenuity, personality and identity.









Environment and sustainability

Urban areas more sustainable and resilient


  There is a need to start ensuring today that urban areas will be inclusive, safe, sustainable and resilient.


BENITO uses FSC-certified timber, develops with its suppliers new materials such as ECOPLAY® , manufactures ductile iron covers from recycled materials that is also 100% recyclable, employs its own LED technology that reduces energy consumption by up to 80%.