The process consists in:

  • Sanding and impregnating agent: the wood is cleaned to subsequently apply a first layer of impregnating agent, which provides pore sealing, adherence, biocide protection and UV protection.
  • Finishing Lasur: two layers of Lasur, a water-based protector, are applied with the aim of protecting and beautifying the wood, apart from providing water repellency. Apply a light sanding between coats.

For wood, we only offer a guarantee against rot. No guarantee is provided for the duration of paint treatments because many factors influence it. Therefore, for aesthetic and functional reasons, we recommend carrying out a regular maintenance of wooden surfaces.

At BENITO we have LIGNUS paint for this maintenance.




Suitable for all kinds of wood.

Lignus is a decorative, fungicidal, insecticidal and water-repellent protector for all types of tropical wood, highly durable for outdoor use.

  1. The street furniture requiring maintenance must be clean of dust and dirt. Gently sand the surface of the wood.
  2. Eliminate greyish or very damaged areas by sanding to facilitate good penetration and adherence of the product to the wood.
  3. Apply LIGNUS with a brush or spray gun.
  4. Leave to dry for a variable time period, generally between 2 and 12 hours, depending on the quantity, application method and climatic conditions.