Bench Citizen

by Eugeni Quitllet


CITIZEN is the first street furniture collection by Eugeni Quitllet, one of Spain's most internationally renowned designers. He has come up with a comfortable, contemporary bench with different finishes and compositions and a matching highly versatile litter bin. 

Both products have been created with a distinct identity and a vocation to share the city and its public spaces in harmony with the people who live there. Naturally and with style. Its design has an organic profile resulting from the symbiosis between the delicate beauty of nature and the resistance required by a daily use.

Bench with ductile iron legs treated with Ferrus, a protective process that guarantees high resistance to corrosion. Epoxy coating and Marson polyester powder coating.
Five 110 x 35 mm tropical wood boards treated with Lignus, a fungicide, insecticide and waterproof agent.
Stainless steel screws.

Recommended anchoring: by means of M10 expansion bolts depending on the surface and the project.

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